Adobe Premiere Elements 15 Review

Adobe’s Premiere Pro is a professional video editing software. Premiere Elements is just that, only less complex and advanced. However, there are a lot of features that the software offers despite being the consumer edition of the main Adobe Premiere, also thanks to the frequent updates that have improved the software.

Features & Utilities

I’ve mentioned how Adobe Premiere Elements does a great job at offering all the necessary tools to get even complex work done. Some examples of new utilities can be the way the software encourages users to share their project through social networks, or the app Organizer, which is a secondary app that manages your files in a very attractive interface.

Anyway, let’s start with feature #1:

Haze Removal

Eliminating haze means to make your video or image sharper, by removing its, in fact, hazy parts. This is done through the Haze removal control, which doesn’t require any knowledge whatsoever in order to apply it to your project.

First and foremost, when working with a video, simply select the section of the timeline you want to apply it to, and then you’re done. Further modification can be done if you’re not satisfied with the automatic haze reduction.

Audio Managing

Managing and making audio files correspond to a certain part of the video can be a hassle if the software doesn’t offer you good enough tools. Adobe PE offers a remix feature which will let you do exactly that, simply through editing the audio files if necessary, then by dragging and dropping.


I’ve already mentioned Organizer above. It works exactly as a collage: you have all of your files in a single interface, and you put them together as a collage. This is perfect is you want to define the most relevant parts of your set of videos.

You have many collage presets to choose from, depending on how many parts you want to put in your project. Once you’re done, you can export the file in many formats and ways.

Face detection

This isn’t something new in Adobe product’s. It is in Premiere Elements, where now features like Smart Trim will focus your video or image on the people in it.

Premiere Elements will also let you turn your images in videos in videos thanks to the Ken Burns effect, which can comes in handy sometimes. Of course, you tweak each frame’s duration, size and its other properties.

Adobe Premiere
Adobe Premiere

Guided Edit

Adobe PE offers a new guided edit, which is an easy way to group together a group of different clips and videos that have different recording quality, in a single clip with a similar quality and characteristics. Easily.

Conclusions & Price

Adobe’s Premiere Elements as of now, costs $100 while including the Organizer, which is a secondary application. If you’re looking to use PE with Photoshop, Adobe offers the bundle Premiere and Photoshop, both Elements, for $150.


  • Intuitive and easy
  • Solid and advanced editing
  • Many packages and complex effects
  • Great audio managing


  • Just a one and single guided edit
  • With videos, Organizer’s tags don’t work automatically