Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.3

Apple Final Cut Pro X update 10.3, the most up to date version of the famous Apple video editing program, is available. But what does it bring?

New Interface

The one thing we instantly recognize of something is its appearance. Yes, it has changed and it has been enhanced compared to the older versions. It’s now much more defined and distraction-free, giving faster access to the software’s features to the user.

Apple Final Cut Pro
Apple Final Cut Pro

Audio Editing

This is one section that has been reworked and improved a lot, now without the need to use 3rd-party applications to get even relatively basic stuff done.

For example, role metadata is now functional in Final Cut Pro X, that sorts audio files and places them in the timeline/storyboard, making arranging much faster and easier. Another thing is clip management: 10.3 allows to create segments of your timeline that will show separate from one another, which you can modify how you want. Clip are much easier to find this way, also thanks to coloring that can be applied to them.

Touch Bar & Grading

MacBook Pro’s touch-bar may not be very useful, but Apple tried to create some utility out of it. Final Cut Pro X 10.3 will let you change between modes, such as the “Trimming” and “Timeline” mode.

Another feature made available in 10.3 is the possibility to clip on overlays, even when grading your video, this way you can check your work much faster compared to before.


Customizing the interface you work with is not something you do a lot, mainly once and then never again. This is completely another story when you have different presets for many situations. Let’s say you sometimes work with more than one monitor; having a preset that changes the interface accordingly is very useful, also considering that you can modify and fit the presets to your needs.


There are a lot of subscription solutions for what concerns video editing software, or solutions that make you pay for the software each update. However, Final Cut Pro X will just need you to purchase the program once, and you’re done. It is true that it costs $299, but that’s the price to expect for editing software.


There are many options available for video editing, and you surely know that much by now. If you are a professional that’s already using advanced software for his work, then Apple’s solution won’t offer you much more.

However, if you find appealing the fact that it’s based on role metadata and it offers good timeline organization, then Final Cut Pro X 10.3 is a very valid and solid option.


  • The new “remove attribute” feature allows faster editing on more than your clips
  • More features and enhanced interface
  • Clear and customizable workspace
  • New MacBooks have touch-bar compatibility
  • Customizable Motion Templates


  • Theme searching is not available anymore
  • Collaborative editing is not available
  • Only some things of the interface can be modified, not completely customizable