Canva is a simple yet feature-rich graphics software tool used for creating designs for websites, blogs or social media pages. There are many tools and preset templates for what you will be designing, making the creation process faster and easier.



Canva is very easy and straightforward to use, while also giving the user many tools to choose from for creating what he wants. Let’s start by covering the most basic features and see how well they work.

Designs & Layouts

Presets. Many of them. For everything you’d like to do. This is great if you are just starting out and you don’t know how to set up your designs. When you’ve found the design perfect for you, simply select it by clicking on it. You can modify it as you please, by changing its image or dimensions for example. Of the many layouts you can search by filtering them, a lot of them are free, but others need you to pay $1 for using them.

Search Bar

The search bar looks for any image you wish you use for your design, on the internet if you need one. It works like any search engine, it will filter the images on Canva’s database, then show them to you. Just like layouts, most of them are free, although there are some that cost something, usually $1. For using the image, you simply drag it into your project and you’re done.

Element Tab

This tab is the core of the tools you’ll need for designing. Whatever you wish to do, is through the elements tab. Frames, icons, shapes and images are all shown here. What you need to do to use them, is simply to drag them in your design. Editing elements is also possible, like changing their size or color. Canva offers a list of the elements you’ve included in your design, so that you don’t lose track of them.

Background Tab

Selecting a background can either be done through images, which will require you to select one from the background tab, or simply through color. You can choose the color from the many available in the color swatch.

Adding Text

Once you’ve added your background, now it’s time for choosing the text. There is a specific button for this, through which you can add text to your design. There are many presets here you can choose from as well, which you can edit later however you like, by changing its font, color or size.

From Local To Online

As you might’ve already noticed, there is the upload section, which is used for transferring the image you want to work with, from your local system to Canva’s servers. Uploading can also be done through Facebook, if there is an image you like.

Of course, your finished design can be downloaded, but also saved on Canva’s servers. The formats support are PNG and JPG, but also PDF.

The comfort of having one’s images also saved online, is that you can always edit them, since they will appear in your account. If you happen to lose one of your designs, or you simply need to save it as another format, you can re-download them to your system.

Last Modified on May 27, 2019
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