Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.3

Apple Final Cut Pro X update 10.3, the most up to date version of the famous Apple video editing program, is available. But what does it bring?

New Interface

The one thing we instantly recognize of something is its appearance. Yes, it has changed and it has been enhanced compared to the older versions. It’s now much more defined and distraction-free, giving faster access to the software’s features to the user.

Apple Final Cut Pro
Apple Final Cut Pro

Audio Editing

This is one section that has been reworked and improved a lot, now without the need to use 3rd-party applications to get even relatively basic stuff done.

For example, role metadata is now functional in Final Cut Pro X, that sorts audio files and places them in the timeline/storyboard, making arranging much faster and easier. Another thing is clip management: 10.3 allows to create segments of your timeline that will show separate from one another, which you can modify how you want. Clip are much easier to find this way, also thanks to coloring that can be applied to them.

Touch Bar & Grading

MacBook Pro’s touch-bar may not be very useful, but Apple tried to create some utility out of it. Final Cut Pro X 10.3 will let you change between modes, such as the “Trimming” and “Timeline” mode.

Another feature made available in 10.3 is the possibility to clip on overlays, even when grading your video, this way you can check your work much faster compared to before.


Customizing the interface you work with is not something you do a lot, mainly once and then never again. This is completely another story when you have different presets for many situations. Let’s say you sometimes work with more than one monitor; having a preset that changes the interface accordingly is very useful, also considering that you can modify and fit the presets to your needs.


There are a lot of subscription solutions for what concerns video editing software, or solutions that make you pay for the software each update. However, Final Cut Pro X will just need you to purchase the program once, and you’re done. It is true that it costs $299, but that’s the price to expect for editing software.


There are many options available for video editing, and you surely know that much by now. If you are a professional that’s already using advanced software for his work, then Apple’s solution won’t offer you much more.

However, if you find appealing the fact that it’s based on role metadata and it offers good timeline organization, then Final Cut Pro X 10.3 is a very valid and solid option.


  • The new “remove attribute” feature allows faster editing on more than your clips
  • More features and enhanced interface
  • Clear and customizable workspace
  • New MacBooks have touch-bar compatibility
  • Customizable Motion Templates


  • Theme searching is not available anymore
  • Collaborative editing is not available
  • Only some things of the interface can be modified, not completely customizable

Adobe Premiere Elements 15 Review

Adobe’s Premiere Pro is a professional video editing software. Premiere Elements is just that, only less complex and advanced. However, there are a lot of features that the software offers despite being the consumer edition of the main Adobe Premiere, also thanks to the frequent updates that have improved the software.

Features & Utilities

I’ve mentioned how Adobe Premiere Elements does a great job at offering all the necessary tools to get even complex work done. Some examples of new utilities can be the way the software encourages users to share their project through social networks, or the app Organizer, which is a secondary app that manages your files in a very attractive interface.

Anyway, let’s start with feature #1:

Haze Removal

Eliminating haze means to make your video or image sharper, by removing its, in fact, hazy parts. This is done through the Haze removal control, which doesn’t require any knowledge whatsoever in order to apply it to your project.

First and foremost, when working with a video, simply select the section of the timeline you want to apply it to, and then you’re done. Further modification can be done if you’re not satisfied with the automatic haze reduction.

Audio Managing

Managing and making audio files correspond to a certain part of the video can be a hassle if the software doesn’t offer you good enough tools. Adobe PE offers a remix feature which will let you do exactly that, simply through editing the audio files if necessary, then by dragging and dropping.


I’ve already mentioned Organizer above. It works exactly as a collage: you have all of your files in a single interface, and you put them together as a collage. This is perfect is you want to define the most relevant parts of your set of videos.

You have many collage presets to choose from, depending on how many parts you want to put in your project. Once you’re done, you can export the file in many formats and ways.

Face detection

This isn’t something new in Adobe product’s. It is in Premiere Elements, where now features like Smart Trim will focus your video or image on the people in it.

Premiere Elements will also let you turn your images in videos in videos thanks to the Ken Burns effect, which can comes in handy sometimes. Of course, you tweak each frame’s duration, size and its other properties.

Adobe Premiere
Adobe Premiere

Guided Edit

Adobe PE offers a new guided edit, which is an easy way to group together a group of different clips and videos that have different recording quality, in a single clip with a similar quality and characteristics. Easily.

Conclusions & Price

Adobe’s Premiere Elements as of now, costs $100 while including the Organizer, which is a secondary application. If you’re looking to use PE with Photoshop, Adobe offers the bundle Premiere and Photoshop, both Elements, for $150.


  • Intuitive and easy
  • Solid and advanced editing
  • Many packages and complex effects
  • Great audio managing


  • Just a one and single guided edit
  • With videos, Organizer’s tags don’t work automatically

CyberLink PowerDirector Deluxe Review

Wondering how to start learning video editing, without having any knowledge in the matter, but with advanced tools and features? CyberLink PowerDirector Deluxe is the answer.

Cyberlink Powerdirector
Cyberlink PowerDirector

Tools & Features

You have many ways to view your footage content and flow. You have the well-known timeline, which is basically the more advanced way of showing you the flow and the presence of media tracks in your video, which you can, of course, edit and modifies. The software calls this mode Full Feature Editor. You will also be given audio-tuning and some green-screen features.

The other way is to use the storyboard, the more basic way that shows you and lets you do mainly everything the timeline does, being more suited to newcomers. In addition, you have many presets and templates that have already set media files and effects, which have more of a learning purpose. It familiarizes the user with both the timeline and storyboard.

Viewing Modes

Switching between modes offers different features and capabilities. Easy Editor is a feature that along with Magic Movie Wizard offers the very basic features needed to get a footage edited. Select the clips and media, put them in, order them, customize through the timeline if you want and you’re done.


There are many presets and templates you can use. The software will guide you when using them, so that you can learn how the main features work. Many of the tools don’t need tutorials for learning how to use them. PowerDirector does a great job at making the interface as intuitive and as friendly as possible.


Color customization, such as contrast, saturation and hue are adjustable individually, but if you want to get the software to do the work for you, CyberLink offers True Theater Color, which does just that, a useful feature especially with short footage.


PowerDirector’s main strength is its accessibility to newcomers, since it doesn’t require any knowledge or skill in video editing thanks to features like Easy Editor. As I’ve already said, the software will guide through the main features and tools, if needed.

The software is available on machines that run Windows, lacking the compatibility with Mac.

Sharing Options

Once editing is done, only exporting and sharing remain. PowerDirector Deluxe offers different options based on which social network you want to share your video on. If you don’t want to share, you can burn a disc of your finished work.


Even if it is an easy software to use, PowerDirector offers advanced features that may require you to look up on the internet how they work. CyberLink offers guides and resources thanks to its community. Simply visit DirectorZone and you’ll find everything needed there, or ask questions on the forum if you want.


An excellent editor, well furnished with tools and features fit for newcomers and veterans.


  • Great for learning how to video-edit
  • Many viewing modes to choose from
  • A lot of features


  • Available only on Windows, lacking Mac compatibility
  • No mobile application